Rubén González

He was not a gifted athlete, He didn’t start the sport of luge until he was 21 years old. Four years later, he was competing in the Winter Olympic Games representing Argentina. At the age of 47, he was competing against other athletes that were 20 years old in the Olympic Games of Vancouver. His story takes away excuses for people. Rubén is living proof that common or ordinary people can accomplish greater things if they really want and are willing to follow simple strategies.

The story of Rubén will fill people with the spirit of teamwork and with a personal dedication that is needed to be successful. It will help them to believe in themselves and to aim higher, to act with more audacity as leaders and to win more decidedly as competitors. His story will renew pride and dedication to all the members of the organization, to the higher executives from the most recent employee.

Rubén is recognized as an expert in the fields of excellence, the personal and organizational success. Since 2002, Rubén has thought and trained to leaders of all levels: to the executives from high companies from educators, entrepreneurs, students and business leaders.

His accomplishments are an example of the entrepreneurial spirit that he shares in his seminars. His dynamic messages help the audiences to live life to the fullest, to break limitations and focus on efforts and to get higher goals, but personally and corporately.