Santiago Bilinkis

Santiago Bilinkis is a technological entrepreneur. In the world of business, he founded and directed Officenet, the largest office supplies company in Argentina and Brazil, acquired by Staples Inc. a few years ago. He co-founded various other companies and actively participates in various civil society organizations.

Passionate about science and technology, he was selected to assist Singularity University in 2010, where he had the chance to learn from prominent scientists about disciplines such as artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

He is currently dedicated to scientific divulgation through talks and presentations, he writes for graphic media and participates in “Enough about everything”, one of the most tuned-in radio programs in Argentina.

Content of the talk “The future of the future”: If we compare a person who lived in Ancient Egypt, 5000 years ago, with someone from modern times, we might think that in that period humanity has changed a lot. The reality is that, of the essential that constitutes us as humans, practically nothing has changed.

The impact of scientific progress in disciplines such as artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, synthetic biology or neuroscience, promises to generate more changes in the next 50 years than what we have lived in the last 5000.

The scientific and technological innovations that are coming will give us the possibility of transforming the world around us and many of the aspects that characterize us as a human race.

Responding to these radical and disruptive changes effectively will be decisive for the success of our projects, both at the individual level, as well as in organizations of the public and private sectors.

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