Sergio Fajardo

Highly respected as one of the most important leaders in Colombia, Sergio Fajardo is recognized by his charisma and his capacity for implementation. Highlighted by his capacity of innovation of high impact in social and public topics.

Mayor of Medellin during the period of 2004-2007, he was elected with the highest ranking in all the history of the city. Outside of the traditional political structure, he led an independent civic movement called Compromiso Ciudadano that, in the exercise of power, has been able to have one of the highest levels of acceptance and popularity of the story of the city and the country. He received the award for Best Mayor of Colombia in 2007.

Without any experience in public charges, he created a team of people that have been known to make new management of the public, with social innovations based on transparency, that received one of the highest qualifications and a recognition that overcomes the frontiers of Colombia. For example, the magazine “Cambio” chose him as Character of the Year in 2006 in Colombia. FDI Magazine and Financial Times Business of England have chosen him as “FDI personality of the year 2007-Latin America”.

Sergio Fajardo has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Math, by the University of Los Andes, and a PH.D. in Math by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has been a teacher of numerous universities, towering as a speaker and investigator. He is considered as the thinker that revolutionized the way of making politics in Colombia.

The most part of his life has been dedicated to academic work, as a scientist and teacher of different universities worldwide. He is a renowned columnist, having participated in numerous radio and television programs of analysis and the present. In the year 2002, he was the vice principal of the newspaper “El Colombiano” of Medellín. He entered the world of politics in the year 2000 and with his movement, he imposed a new way of making politics.

He ran for the presidency of Colombia by the movement Compromiso Ciudadano in the year 2010. Later he was elected governor of Antioquia during the period of 2012-2015 and praised for his capacity of innovation with high impact in public and social matters. He has the highest qualifications and recognitions by his management and his name was mentioned as a strong candidate for the presidency of Colombia in 2018.

Simple, passionate about talking with the people and stroll around the streets of the cities, this mathematician of 48 years old captivates the audiences with a unique and fun style and with a content of high impact and credibility. He transmits a powerful message about building independent civic ideas that are see through.


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