Sergio Zyman

The success in marketing is reduced to a single phrase according to the star marketer Sergio Zyman: “sell more, to more people, more often, for more money and more efficiency.” After reviving Coca-Cola’s advertising campaigns, Zyman founded a firm with a preeminent marketing strategy and wrote four books – including two best-sellers.

He was named one of the three best marketers of the 20th century by Time magazine. Sergio was born in Mexico City and began his career in management positions in Japan, Brazil, Guatemala and New York before moving to Atlanta to begin his two jobs with The Coca-Cola Co.

His first residence was marked by a series of revolutionary releases such as Diet Coke, Cherry Coke and New Coke – a product not very well received by consumers of the time for what many considered ‘an idea ahead of its time’. Sergio left Coca-Cola in 1998 and formed Core Strategy Group, a consulting firm with a client portfolio that included, among others, Seven-11 and Miller Brewing Co. He had a leading role in the positioning and development of the strategy that led Vicente Fox to the presidency in 2000.

In 1993, Roberto Goizueta, formerly President of Coca-Cola, proposed Sergio to return to the company as the Marketing Manager, a newly created position in Coca-Cola. Sergio took the job and re-conceptualized the company’s marketing strategy by launching worldwide sales to 15 billion dollars annually, the largest increase in Coca-Cola’s history.

After the death of Goizueta, Sergio left The Coca-Cola Co. and wrote a series of books, including the international best-seller, The End of Marketing as we know it. In 1999, he founded Zyman Group, an international marketing consulting firm. As the driving force of the company, Sergio was quoted by numerous food and beverage, manufacturing, industry, retail and global communications companies.

This success led the Zyman Group to be named, by Inc. magazine, one of the fastest-growing consulting groups in the United States. In 2005, he sold most of the company to MDC Partners.

Sergio Zyman has been recognized as one of the most dynamic and charismatic speakers in the world. He energizes his audiences with his unpredictable style and also touches on important issues such as non-common strategies for business growth, the role of marketing in corporations, and the impact of social and political events on consumer behavior.

He has an MBA from Harvard University and also studied in London, Paris, and Jerusalem. He was named man of the year in 1998 by UJA.

In 2008, he earned the Trajectory Recognition by the National Advertising Association. He is currently involved in projects of change and renewal of strategies as well as in politics, as well as writing his books.