The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone is one of the most inventive, successful and funny duos working today. Jon Wee and Owen Morse have more awards, accolades and experience than most performers achieve in a lifetime, and according to these guys, they’re just getting started!

You’ll have a difficult time deciding whether to hang onto your chair as chainsaws fly through the air, hold your breath as they perform world-class skills or grab your stomach as you double over with laughter.

Juggling? Seriously? Yes, juggling. Most people don’t think of it as a classy form of entertainment, but once you see these guys, you’ll change your thinking. They re-define the art form and take it to new heights. Something they hear after almost every performance is, “When I heard the entertainment was going to be juggling, I thought it was going to be lame. But you guys were the best act we have ever seen!”

So, prepare to be amazed, as you get to know Jon and Owen, and the things they do. It’s not magic. It’s juggling. But you won’t believe your eyes!