Victor Castañeda

Victor Castañeda is a Science Deduction, mentalism and prestidigitation expert. As a corporate speaker, he has worked for 10 years now with 100 of the 500 companies listed in the Fortune’s Top Companies magazine, helping from employees and collaborators to CEO’S and vice-presidents to break traditional schemes by finding new creative strategies.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences from the Anáhuac University, as well as an specialty tittle in Corporate Communication and Entertainment by the Ibero-American University.

Considered as the “Leader of the Future” by the magazine Mexican Leaders, Victor is a constant student of the prestigious academy Magic & Mystery School, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Former CEO of Imagic Group, the only corporate communication agency that incorporates the astonishment as a communication tool for the companies in the business.

About his keynote

His most recent conference-show “Paradigma” wants to give his assistants a unique experience with highly thematic value and entertainment, just to prove that the barriers aren’t born outside, but in our own minds.


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