Yokoi Kenji

Son of a Japanese father and a Colombian mother, he grew up and lived in Yokohama Japan during 14 years. He always felt great passion for the people he met on his childhood in Bolivar city, Bogotá, Colombia. Today, in a unique way and as a parable method, he manages to submerge the auditorium into a trip of leadership lessons applied to the company and to life.

With a perfect mixture of Japanese discipline and Latin charm, his conferences address principles and values in our society, oriented toward innovation and mindfulness, without keeping in mind the universal principles of comprehensive success. Kenji Orito Diaz is a married man with two kids. He currently is a humanities professor in the IPR Japan – Colombia, as well as director of the “Turismo con Propósito”  foundation, communicating in his conferences the main principles of discipline, mindfulness and spirituality.


  • Español