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About Us

Speakers México LATAM is the biggest speakers’ bureau in México. Our main product is The Power of the Intelligent Word and our objective is to achieve tangible results that will reflect by educating and taking advantage of your leader’s talent.

We have the biggest and most widely recognized catalog of speakers in Latin America.

Our speakers have an extensive portfolio, as are their life experiences; so the abilities and skills of the assistants can be reinforced with each conference they attend to.

At the same time, we provide guidance and consultation, we attend our clients in a personalized way, achieving higher results than the ones they could reach on their own.

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1.What are the benefits I have by using Speakers México LATAM’s services?

Working with Speakers México is the best investment for your organization, making the process of planning and producing your event way easier, and to secure the talent you need to ensure the most dynamic conferences focused on the right audience.

From the organization of logistics, travel planning, and payment process, our experienced consultants will assist you in every step of the way.

2. Why should I choose Speakers México LATAM instead of just contact a speaker directly?

As a speakers’ bureau (not a booking agency), we know the speakers you’ll work with personally. This means we know their preferences and payment requirements, but the best part is that we managed to partner up with them so the rates we offer you, are the exact same as the ones the speakers offer on their own. This way we help you save not only extra time but money.

In addition, the service Speakers México LATAM provides in terms of logistics and planning is paid by the speaker, not by the client.  All of this, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

3. Can I hire national speakers for international events?

Sure thing! Our consultants will assist you with payment options and advice, so you can have the speaker that best suits your type of audience.

4. How do I choose a speaker?

Our consultants will work beside you in order to understand your needs and preferences so you can get personalized recommendations. Later on, they will provide you with the tools and information you need to properly evaluate each option for your type of event.

We have a great variety of speakers in our portfolio that make the search for the ideal speaker way easier.

5. What kind of events do we cover?

We have a great variety of speakers to cover from motivational speeches to business strategies. We advise you to consult our talent catalog directly on the web page, or give us a call so we can attend you personally in the phone: MEX +521 (55) 5680 6051 USA +1 (305) 851 6262

6. Can I watch a video of a speaker before I choose him?

Of course, you can! We are constantly adding videos to our web page. If we don’t have any video or testimony available of some specific speaker you are interested in, give us a call so we can assist you. MEX +521 (55) 5680 6051 USA +1 (305) 851 6262

7. How can I become a speaker in Speakers México LATAM?

If you are a professional speaker looking to work with Speakers México LATAM, please send an e-mail to juancarlos@speakermexico.com who will soon get in touch with you. Thanks for your interest in Speakers México LATAM!