Leadership & Teamwork

Karla Wheelock

On May 19, 1999, she reached the summit of the Everest, the highest mountain in the world (8,848 meters), becoming the first Mexican and Latin American woman to achieve it on the northern route.

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Luis Valls

Luis Valls has created a different conference, which objective is the young entrepreneurs, those who follow a dream and accomplish their goals.

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Carlos Bianchi

Carlos Bianchi is one of soccer’s technical directors with the most wins in the world, but his trophy showcase may not display his biggest credential, the one he used to win unanimous recognition: his ability to drive, motivate and achieve good results.

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Daniel Colombo

Master coach specialized in CEO, senior and professional management. An Entrepreneur stimulator. A professional communicator. International speaker of motivation, conscious leadership, communication, oratory, media coaching, team building, and professional productivity. Facilitator of processes of change.

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Eduardo Braun

Eduardo Braun has traveled across all five continents in recent years interviewing the greatest thinkers of the moment on issues such as Economics, Business Management, and Leadership.

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Eduardo Massé

Founder & CEO of Lappa. Master Practitioner in Positive Psychology and Applied Science of Integral Wellness. Eduardo begins his path as a coach and consultant by working with Anthony Robbins for 7 years.

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Javier Santos

Javier has been named as one of the most successful Mexican immigrants inside Canada, he has worked in the business world of Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo, he has been a private consultant in North America for transnational companies, such as Maple Leaf Foods y Campari. Javier has an MBA and he...

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Juan Alberto González Esparza

Juan Alberto González Esparza(Beto), General Director and Founding Partner of the enterprise, it’s a leader of visionary thinking and an accomplished innovator in business.

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Luis Díaz

The successful story of Luis ”Chapulín” Díaz is highly praised in international motoring and has a thing in common with the world of business: the leadership of a champion.

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